Freedom EVOlyzer®

Tecan’s Freedom EVOlyzer offers a validated solution for automation of microplate­based chromogenic ELISAs, and can be easily adapted to meet the changing workflow and throughput requirements of today’s diagnostic laboratory.

Freedom EVO® Clinical

The Freedom EVO Clinical is Tecan’s IVD-D compliant (98/79/EC), open liquid handling platform developed to automate simple pipetting tasks. The Freedom EVO Clinical enhances the quality, safety and performance of the clinical diagnostic environment, for application such as enzyme immuno assay (EIA) preparation, sample distribution, tube split from source tubes into destination tubes and archiving.

Infinite® 200 PRO

The Infinite 200 PRO is an easy-to-use multimode plate reader family that offers affordable, high performance detection solutions. This proven platform has now evolved into a budget-friendly reader family consisting of six application-focused configurations, delivering performance and value to every lab, every day, for every assay.

Infinite® F50

The Infinite F50 and Infinite F50 Robotic are Tecan’s family of reliable, validated and compact absorbance microplate readers for ELISA. They provide accurate, fast photometric measurements using innovative eight-channel optics and LED technology.
Together with Magellan™ reader control and data analysis software, these readers are ideal for a variety of ELISA applications.


Tecan’s Sunrise absorbance microplate reader offers all the functionality needed for numerous photometric applications, including advanced 12-channel optics for fast, multichannel absorbance reading of ELISAs, a temperature control function for enzyme kinetic assays, and a tunable wavelength function for wavelength scanning.


he HydroFlex microplate washer is a truly flexible platform that provides excellent automated microplate strip washing and vacuum filtration performance for 96-well microplate formats. 
This modular and upgradeable platform is ideal for a wide range of cell-, enzyme- and DNA-based applications in academia, biotech, pharma and clinical diagnostics, reflecting over 30 years of Tecan expertise in advanced liquid handling.


The HydroSpeed is Tecan’s advanced microplate washer, designed to provide optimized washing of cells, beads and ELISAs in both 96- and 384-well formats. It offers full control over critical wash parameters to help maximize the efficiency of cell assays, bead assays and ELISAs.

ProfiBlot™ 48

The ProfiBlot 48 provides reliability and increased productivity by automating all key protocol steps of Western Blot processing, such as time consuming washing- and incubation procedures.
For optimum throughput it processes up to 48 samples per run and supports a range of Western Blot applications, such as for the confirmation of infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases, as well as for screening of allergies.
The ProfiBlot 48 has been designed to improve safety and reliability in the laboratory and to meet the IVD-directive 98/79/EC for Europe. It processes the entire assay in a disposable tray within an enclosed environment to minimize human exposure to potentially infectious samples.

ProfiBlot™ T48

The ProfiBlot T48 is Tecan’s smart and reliable Blot Processor, designed to improve productivity and reproducibility by automating Southern Blot & Western Blot assays running within the temperature specifications of the instrument.
It offers full automation of reagent dispensing, hybridization and washing of strip based assays, used for a range of applications such as screening of infectious diseases, HLA-typing, HPV-testing, etc.